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Welcome to Linking DFW! 

We are a North Texas-based networking group for business professionals primarily located in the northern suburbs of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our purpose is simple – to provide each of our members with a broad, diverse and pro-active source of information, along with other resources, to improve their lives – both personal and professional. We are unique in that much of our networking takes place on LinkedIn, where our group has over 9,300+ active members, all looking to make new professional connections. We’d love to have you join us!


How to Be Successful in Linking DFW

Our goal is for you to have only the best experience with Linking DFW. That said here are our top 11 tips on how to be successful in Linking DFW’s LinkedIn group:

  1. Connect with the group leader and all managers – Group leaders and managers are connected with the vast majority of members, so that’s a great place to get the introductions that you’re looking for.
  1. Get introduced to the group – Let a group manager introduce you to the group and say a little something about you – this third-party endorsement goes a long way. Be sure to provide four or five sentences about yourself that you want the group to know about you.
  1. p1060124_12195142343_oComment on the introduction – Once you have been introduced, be sure to comment on that and tell the other members what you have to contribute and what you’re looking to accomplish.
  1. Seek to introduce people to connections that you have – Be proactive about introducing appropriate people to your connections. Nothing strengthens a network or gets you more goodwill than introducing someone to a connection that can help them.
  1. Seek to be introduced to connections other people have – By respectfully requesting introductions from other members to their connections as appropriate, you will actually create stronger relationships with both parties. It is a little known psychological fact that if you want someone to like you, it’s better to ask for a small favor of them than to do a favor.
  1. Comment regularly on discussions – Stay engaged in the group by reviewing discussions on a regular basis. This takes just a couple minutes a day, and by leaving positive comments, or sharing recommendations and ideas, you’ll create a network of connections much more quickly.
  1. Share ideas and information – Sharing ideas and information that other members will find helpful is a great way to establish you as a resource that others can look to for expertise. (Do not confuse this with constant sales pitches…)
  1. IMG_0684Share events and opportunities – Share the times, locations and details about events and other opportunities on the group website. This is a great way to promote those events and to create further opportunities to build your network in the group.
  1. Attend live networking meetings – Nothing replaces face-to-face contact with other members of the group. When there are group events be sure to make time to attend, and bring business cards and other materials that will help members remember you. (If you own a business you may want to consider being a sponsor and having a table at the events, or even having an event at your place of business.)
  1. Get involved in planning and running events – Because this is a member-centric group, most events are designed by and run by members. Getting involved in managing events gives you an outstanding opportunity for contacting and interacting with other members.
  1. Invite your local friends who would be engaged members – This entire process is much more enjoyable when you are doing it with friends. If you engage as suggested with the members of the group you will certainly make more friends, but it’s great to start the process with a few of your friends joining in. This is not simply about work, it’s about a successful life, and a successful life is a life filled with quality relationships.

I hope this guide illustrates for you how easy and enjoyable networking can be. I find that virtually every member that I interact with is as nice and helpful as possible, as I’m sure you will be, and that quite frankly, is all it takes to be successful!

All the best!


Ken Kendall, CLU, CFP
3204 Long Prairie Rd, Suite D
Flower Mound, Texas 75022